The New Highs & New Lows Summary page is available for U.S. and Canadian Markets. The Summary tab provides a link to the list of symbols for the exchange / time period. There is also a link to a chart that plots the Barchart symbol used to track the historical number of stocks included in the category. The New Highs & New Lows Summary page can be found here:

In most cases, the number listed on the Highs/Lows Summary page will match the value shown on the chart, but due to the way we update the website, the numbers may sometimes be slightly out-of-sync. The chart data is delayed 15-minutes, and the Highs/Lows page is updated every 10-minutes throughout the day. In addition, if the value shown on the chart is "0.01" this is used to represent a value of "0" as shown on the Highs/Lows page.